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Why do I need to affiliate?

All club members, whether playing matches or just attending training need to affiliate to England Netball. Although there are other benefits (see England Netball website) this means that you are insured to play, other players are insured to take part in sessions with you, and we are insured to coach and umpire you.

When do I need to affiliate?

You can attend up to three netball training sessions before you need to affiliate, which gives you a chance to get to know us. The first session is totally free, the second and third session you just pay the training fee and then if you want to attend training and/or play matches after this you will need to affiliate. The above doesn’t apply if you have been a member of England Netball in the last three years – you will need to affiliate straight away.

The affiliation lasts one year (or part thereof if you join part way through the year) from 1 September to 31 August.

How do I affiliate?

You need to register on the ENgage netball website and follow the instructions on our 'How to join' page by the time you attend your third training session, and before you can play any matches.

Click on the 'How to join' button below for more information on joining Wallingford Netball Club during the 2022–23 season.

You need to re-affiliate every year and will be sent details when you need to do this.

Please note that a welcome pack, including all affiliation information and membership instructions, is currently being developed and will be available soon.


Wallingford Netball Club takes the safety and development of our members very seriously, as demonstrated by our Silver CAPS Award and our commitment to England Netball safeguarding. The documents below set out the main policies and procedures as well as providing general advice.

Click on the documents below to see the:

  • Wallingford Netball Club Code of Conduct
  • England Netball Safeguarding Young People in Netball Policy
  • England Netball Safeguarding Adults in Netball Policy
  • Code-of-Conduct-V1-Updated-Sept-2019.docx
  • EN-Safeguarding-Adults-Policy.docx
  • EN-Safeguarding-Juniors-Policy.pdf

The links below provide more information, from England Netball, on the differing areas of safeguarding, including how to report a safeguarding concern. Below that we have put a direct link to England Netball's code of conduct for your information.

England Netball's code of conduct

Please read England Netball's code of conduct before joining us.


Training fees

As a member of Wallingford Netball Club, you will be asked to join Teamo. Senior and Junior training fees are paid monthly through Teamo. These are to be paid monthly, throughout the year. They are currently £10 for over 18s, £8 for under 18s, and £5 for any subsequent under-18 siblings.

Match fees

Senior and Junior match fees are included within the training fees above.

Affiliation fees

This is an annual payment, paid via the ENgage netball website, and covers your insurance with England Netball. This payment needs to be made after your three free taster sessions with us, before you are able to train again. This fee is not controlled by the club, and in recent years has been approximately £48 for over 18s.

What are the second, third and subsequent family member rates?

For Junior members, membership and training fee discounts are offered to second and subsequent affiliated players, providing they are a direct relative of the first affiliated player and are resident at the same address.

For Senior members, membership and training fee discounts are offered to second and subsequent affiliated players, providing they are a direct relative of the first affiliated player, are resident at the same address and are in full-time education.

What is the summer taster rate?

England Netball sometimes run a summer taster rate that runs from 1 April to 31 August each year to allow people to join part way through the year without it being too expensive. This only applies if you haven’t been a member of England Netball in the last three years. Please speak to one of the affiliation and membership secretaries if you are unsure.


The club doesn’t run itself and there are lots of people working to make sure you can play and enjoy netball. We are always looking for new volunteers, the more the merrier, and thus ask as many people as possible to get involved in the club in some way. This doesn’t mean you will be expected to coach, chair the club, etc. if you don’t want to – we have jobs of all shapes and sizes and will be able to find something to suit everyone. It may be taking registers, putting netball posts out each week, helping out at fund-raising events, organising a social event, being a first aider for your team, etc. Of course, if you want to get involved in coaching or umpiring or taking on a committee role then you would be more than welcome to do so. We are happy to talk to you and find you something that you are happy to do – you won't be forced into doing something you don’t want to!

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